• Nigerian Buns Recipe
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    Nigerian Buns Recipe: Crunchy Nigerian Buns Recipe

    Nigerian Buns are one of the popular street snacks in Nigeria and loved by most Nigerians. Nigerian Buns are so delicious especially when they’re well prepared by following or using the right Nigerian Buns recipe. I could remember when I was going hard on my self because I couldn’t make it at home to taste just the way I had wanted it. I love it when it’s crispy and crunchy on the outside and the inner part of my Nigerian Buns is moist. I think that’s the way most people want it anyways. It tastes incredible yummy when it’s crunchy and crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.…

  • Cauliflower fried rice

    Cauliflower Fried Rice: Cauliflower Fried Rice With Shrimps

    Cauliflower fried rice is extraordinarily nourishing and one of the healthiest meal in the world. It is a good choice of meal for those considering low carb diet and paleo. This bowl of veggie is amazing, it’s a healthy alternative to regular fried rice. Meanwhile, my craving for regular fried rice has reduced drastically over the years. Ever since l fell in love with this cauliflower fried rice recipe. I sometimes pair it with shrimps, beef or chicken. Wish ever one you decide to pair it with. You’ll enjoy and love the recipe. You can have it for lunch or dinner. It’s delicious and completely satisfying. But for this recipe,…

  • nigerian chicken suya
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    Nigerian Chicken Suya Recipe: Easiest Recipe

    Nigerian chicken suya has always been my favourite chicken recipe since I was back home Nigeria. When l got to the diaspora, l found it difficult to cope with other chicken recipes. My Nigerian Chicken became a thing of the past. But l still crave badly for it and couldn’forget about my best chicken Suya recipe. After about two good years in diaspora and couldn’t cope any longer. The nostalgia feeling was just too much, l miss home and my Nigerian delicacies badly. Ok! I thought in my mind, this feeling has to stop. I have to do something about it. The first thing l did was to bring my…

  • cabbage soup
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    Cabbage Soup: Best Cabbage Diet Soup.

    Growing up, Cabbage wasn’t part of my favourite vegetables despite its many benefits. I wouldn’t touch it with a long pole, let alone make a soup out of it. After my third pregnancy, I got desperate about losing postpartum weight. I wanted to shed baby fat so badly, so I started to research on the best way to achieve that.  From my findings, I read that Keto diet is one of the fastest ways to lose weight even with minimal exercise. Keto requires consuming low carbs on a daily basis and cabbage contains low carbs. Due to my desperation, I decided to try cabbage dishes. I embraced cabbage wholeheartedly until…

  • Vanilla buttercream frosting
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    Vanilla Buttercream Frosting: Easy and Delicious

    Vanilla Buttercream Frosting is quite popular among various types of frosting. Most cupcakes can’t be complete without frosting especially on special occasions. The cupcakes serve as the base for the buttercream frosting. The topping makes the cupcakes brighter, colourful and beautiful. It makes them more palatable and tasty. My simple vanilla buttercream frosting recipe is very easy to make. When you have all the ingredients readily available, it should be ready under 10 minutes. In little or no time, you’ll forget about the store-bought frosting when you realize how simple and easy a homemade vanilla buttercream is. I love topping this vanilla buttercream frosting with my vanilla cupcakes. They make…

  • Vanilla cupcakes
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    Vanilla Cupcakes: Step by Step Recipe

    I’ll be sharing today on the blog, my simple vanilla cupcakes recipe from scratch! It has extraordinary moist texture and rich vanilla flavour. It’s easy to make with all the ingredients and it’s topped with rich vanilla buttercream frosting. I used simple ingredients that can be found in almost every home without breaking the bank. You know at times the simpler recipes are just the best. The vanilla flavour makes it outstanding, rich and delicious. I had tried my hands on various vanilla cupcakes recipes before I finally came up with this incredible recipe I’ll sharing right now. You can bake this vanilla cupcakes for any kind of occasion; birthday,…

  • indoor activities to do with kids
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    25 Fun Indoor Activities To do with kids.

    Indoor activities with kids are great ways to eliminate boredom, especially when we’re stuck at home. I know it could really be tough and hard to stay indoors for a certain period of time, especially with our active kids. So during these periods, the kids still need to be physically and mentally active. It could be on winter days with heavy snows and heavy rainfall when we couldn’t leave the comfort of our homes. If you find yourself in this situation; and seems to have nothing to do. You know what? I’ve got you covered with these 25 fun indoor activities to do with kids. Try to spice things up,…

  • lactation smoothies
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    3 Best Lactation Smoothies: Easy and Delicious.

    One of the best ways to boost milk production is through daily consumption of lactation smoothies. It’s the easiest and the most enjoyable way to increase your milk supply. Meanwhile, a lot of mothers have achieved and recorded great success with their milk supply, after consuming lactation smoothies. In which I’m not an exception. During my first days of becoming a mom, l terribly suffered and struggled daily with my milk supply. My baby was going hungry and l needed to act fast to increase my production to meet the needs of my little one. So, my mom came to my rescue. She suggested l introduce these 5 best fruits…

  • fruits to boost milk supply
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    5 Best Fruits That Helped To Boost My Breastmilk supply.

    If you choose to breastfeed your baby as a new mom, then boosting your milk supply will definitely be top on your list.  While some women have it easy with lactation, some have to work extra hard to achieve the same. If you’re in the second category, don’t beat yourself up about it.  I know it’s a frustrating position to be in because a hungry baby is a cranky baby. Trust me, I’ve been there.  There are things you can do to get your milk flowing for your baby, and one of them is eating balanced nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  During my first pregnancy; my mom would always call to…

  • immune booster food
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    7 Best And Affordable Foods To Boost Immune system

    A strong and healthy immune system helps the body to guard against infections. There are so many foods that can help to boost the immune system. So, when the immune system is balanced, our bodies help to fight these germs and infections naturally. Hence the need to build it stronger. The best way we can achieve this; is through the foods and beverage we consume on a daily basis. In this article, I’ll be sharing 7 Best foods to boost the immune system; that are cheap, affordable and super healthy. Citrus Fruits Citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, oranges and grapefruits have a good amount of vitamins and minerals that…