• akara recipe
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    Akara: Best Nigerian Akara Recipe.

    So today, I’m going to be sharing my Nigerian Akara Recipe also known as beans cake. It’s the traditional method of Akara Recipe but I want to tell you guys that it’s the easiest and the most delicious recipe so far. Do you know what? It’s my mom’s recipe, this recipe has been in existence even before I was born and it’s still the best so far. It contains simple ingredients which you can easily find in your kitchen with no extra cost. I call it yummy Akara recipe under budget. Nevertheless, it’s very simple and straight forward like I’ve said earlier. The inside is tender and fluffy and the…

  • Fluffy pancakes
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    Fluffy Pancakes: Best Fluffy Pancakes Recipe

    This special delicacy always brighten our Saturday morning ; In fact, we always look forward to having this meal for our Saturday breakfast. Everyone is always excited to sitting down together after those hectic weekdays to munch on the deliciousness of these pancakes. These fluffy pancakes are one of those meals that make those family bonding periods beautiful, bright, exciting and refreshing. They make a hearty breakfast and they are extremely enjoyable; that is why It’s very dear to our hearts and I have decided to share it here on my blog. Maybe someone will also share that kind of feeling like that of my family by trying out this…