• Vanilla buttercream frosting
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    Vanilla Buttercream Frosting: Easy and Delicious

    Vanilla Buttercream Frosting is quite popular among various types of frosting. Most cupcakes can’t be complete without frosting especially on special occasions. The cupcakes serve as the base for the buttercream frosting. The topping makes the cupcakes brighter, colourful and beautiful. It makes them more palatable and tasty. My simple vanilla buttercream frosting recipe is very easy to make. When you have all the ingredients readily available, it should be ready under 10 minutes. In little or no time, you’ll forget about the store-bought frosting when you realize how simple and easy a homemade vanilla buttercream is. I love topping this vanilla buttercream frosting with my vanilla cupcakes. They make…

  • Vanilla cupcakes
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    Vanilla Cupcakes: Step by Step Recipe

    I’ll be sharing today on the blog, my simple vanilla cupcakes recipe from scratch! It has extraordinary moist texture and rich vanilla flavour. It’s easy to make with all the ingredients and it’s topped with rich vanilla buttercream frosting. I used simple ingredients that can be found in almost every home without breaking the bank. You know at times the simpler recipes are just the best. The vanilla flavour makes it outstanding, rich and delicious. I had tried my hands on various vanilla cupcakes recipes before I finally came up with this incredible recipe I’ll sharing right now. You can bake this vanilla cupcakes for any kind of occasion; birthday,…