• carrot puree
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    Carrot Puree: Carrot Puree For Baby.

    Carrots are one of the sweetest vegetables we have out there. That’s the reason most babies love carrot Puree. I normally wait until 6 months before introducing any solid food to my children. Because according to the American Academy Paediatrics, mothers should wait for at least 6 months before introducing solid foods to their infants. Breastfeeding should be the major meal for the first 6 months. So whenever l introduce it to my children, they instantly welcome it. I’d say they love their yummy carrots puree the most. Carrot puree is a healthy choice of meal for our little ones. It’s soft and has numerous amazing benefits for babies. It…

  • Vaginal Birth After C- Section
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    What I Did To Have A Successful Vaginal Birth After A C-Section

    Having a successful vaginal birth after a C- Section is crucial. The joy of every mom who had walked through this path is to have a successful birth stories. I’d always wanted to have three children, even the incident of a scary ectopic pregnancy didn’t change that. Not only that, I longed to have all my children naturally. But because life doesn’t always give you what you want, things don’t always go as planned.  When l got pregnant with my first child in 2012 (after my ectopic pregnancy), I looked forward to having a vaginal delivery as a first-time mom.  My birth plan didn’t go as planned as I ended up…

  • Ectopic pregnancy
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    My Ectopic pregnancy Story: Symptoms, Causes, Recovery and life after

    My ectopic pregnancy story is one of such I will never forget.Perhaps you’re currently going through the same or you just want to know more about it from people who have worn the shoes, then this post is for you. One of the things I love to do is to share my story to help those that are going through the same situation I’ve once found myself in.  What is An Ectopic pregnancy An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg implants itself and grows outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube which carries egg to the uterus. It can’t survive in the fallopian tube or anywhere else outside…

  • Coconut Rice Recipe

    Coconut Rice Recipe: Nigerian Recipe

    I’ve been longing to share this coconut rice recipe with you guys because it’d be a sin not to, considering its heavenliness. I mean, I’ve made this dish over and over again and I can’t get over its scrumptiousness each time! So, I’m super excited I’m doing this right now. Eating plain white rice only could get boring over time. So, one of the ways to enjoy rice dishes is by trying different rice recipes. Whenever you’re tired of eating plain rice or other rice dishes, coconut rice is an amazing go-to rice recipe for a change of experience. The goodness of coconut milk in rice elevates the taste, and…

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    Potato Puree Recipe: Easy And Delicious

    Potato Puree is a great choice of meal when you want get your baby started on solid foods, usually between 6 to 8 months old. Potatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers and phytochemicals that help to prevent diseases. I discovered this very potato puree recipe I’m about to share with you when I started my first baby on solid foods at 7 months. He didn’t like the ones I’ve been making prior to discovering this very recipe because I made potato puree without adding fat, and he being a picky eater didn’t make it any easier. So, it was fulfilling for me when he developed interest in the potato…

  • Yam Poridge/ pottage recipe

    Yam porridge/ Pottage: Nigerian Asaro Recipe

    Yam porridge/ Pottage is one of the Nigerian delicacies that I love so much with an amazing taste. This yam porridge/ pottage recipe is absolutely delicious especially when you carefully choose the right ingredients for a rich and better taste. Yam porridge is the combination of fresh Puna yam and tomatoes sauce. It’s mostly enjoyed by most countries in West Africa especially Nigeria. Most people prefer to have their yam porridge/ Pottage garnish with some fresh leafy green like spinach, scent leaves and Kale for more nutritional value and taste while some people prefer to have it plain. I love the former so much because of it’s richness but which…

  • akara recipe
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    Akara: Best Nigerian Akara Recipe.

    So today, I’m going to be sharing my Nigerian Akara Recipe also known as beans cake. It’s the traditional method of Akara Recipe but I want to tell you guys that it’s the easiest and the most delicious recipe so far. Do you know what? It’s my mom’s recipe, this recipe has been in existence even before I was born and it’s still the best so far. It contains simple ingredients which you can easily find in your kitchen with no extra cost. I call it yummy Akara recipe under budget. Nevertheless, it’s very simple and straight forward like I’ve said earlier. The inside is tender and fluffy and the…

  • Nigerian Jollof Rice

    Nigerian Jollof Rice: Smoky Party Jollof Rice

    I’m always excited whenever l’m sharing Jollof Rice recipe with people anytime l’m opportune to share it. So l have finally decided to share it here on my blog so that a lot of people would have access to it. Jollof rice is enjoyed by majority of the African countries, especially Nigeria and this recipe I’m sharing is mostly used by Nigerians. We refer to it as Nigerian Jollof Rice. l don’t think there’s any Nigerian home and abroad who doesn’t like Jollof Rice. Parties and occasions without Jollof Rice is that one a party? This is just to say the extent to which Nigerians love their party Jollof Rice.…

  • Egusi Souo
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    Egusi Soup: Nigerian Egusi Soup

    Egusi Soup is native to the westerners in Nigeria (The Yorubas) but It’s loved and enjoyed by most Nigerians. It’s extremely enjoyable when paired with various fufu recipes: Semolina, cassava fufu, pounded yam and eba, even with white rice. Majority of the Nigerians’ occasion menus aren’t complete without this delicious Egusi Soup. I’m sure it’s one of those soups that normally top the menu lists in most parties/ occasions. Let me say, Egusi soup is a kinda special type of soup that some people also enjoy on a daily basis. In the same vein, Christmas celebration and Egusi Soup are inseparable in most Nigerians home. They both go hand in…

  • Fluffy pancakes
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    Fluffy Pancakes: Best Fluffy Pancakes Recipe

    This special delicacy always brighten our Saturday morning ; In fact, we always look forward to having this meal for our Saturday breakfast. Everyone is always excited to sitting down together after those hectic weekdays to munch on the deliciousness of these pancakes. These fluffy pancakes are one of those meals that make those family bonding periods beautiful, bright, exciting and refreshing. They make a hearty breakfast and they are extremely enjoyable; that is why It’s very dear to our hearts and I have decided to share it here on my blog. Maybe someone will also share that kind of feeling like that of my family by trying out this…