• Nigerian Fish Roll
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    Nigerian Fish Roll: Best Fish Roll Recipe

    As a teenager, I hated Nigerian fish roll with passion. I couldn’t be caught touching fish roll with a long pole. My favourite snacks then were puff-puff, meat pie and chin-chin.  The major reason I didn’t like the it was because it was too hard to bite and chew. Why should I develop toothache /on top/ snacks? I love my snacks flaky, crispy, crunchy, and soft. However, my beef for fish roll eventually came to an end when I visited my aunt in Abuja. She’s a die hard fan of fish roll and she makes it so well. She took me through the process of making freshly baked homemade fish…

  • Efo-riro
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    Efo Riro: Delicious Efo-Riro Recipe

    Efo- riro (vegetable soup) is a soup dear to the hearts of the south-western people of Nigeria. I mean, we Yoruba people. It is our trademark soup. You can take anything away from us but you can’t take efo-riro from us. Yes, It is our classic soup. I’ve heard people say that we Yorubas don’t have variety of soups and that all we have is Okro and Egusi Soup. This isn’t completely true because the Yoruba tribe can boast of varieties of soups. Even if it were true, we’d still boast in the glory of our efo-riro.  Meanwhile, efo-riro is a soup that is loved by all, even non-Nigerians. Nigerian…

  • nigerian chin-chin
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    Nigerian Chin-Chin: Crunchy Chin-Chin Recipe

    Nigerian Chin-Chin is one of Nigerians’ most loved snacks. Chin-Chin is always on the top list of small chops menu to be served at Nigerian parties/occasions. Guests are always delighted to munch on this crunchy goodness at parties before foods are served. This is a good strategy to calm hungry guests down and also make them concentrate on party activities before foods are served. And it even gives them a hope of something good to come. Why? It is tasty, especially when it is crunchy. Nigerian party is never complete without Chin-chin. Party without Nigerian chin-chin is that one a party? Lol Chin-Chin is also one of Nigerian street snacks.…

  • nigerian chicken suya recipe
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    The Best quick Chicken Marinade: Chicken Thighs

    Yesssss! This  quick chicken marinade recipe is our favourite in my home. I’ve been a chicken lover right from my childhood days. In fact I prefer chicken to any other type of meat; so when my children too now became chicken addict, it isn’t a surprise to me. It is now the case of like mother like children lol. We eat chicken virtually everyday, that is even the first thing my children look forward to eating after school. As I have said earlier that chicken is our favourite, we have different recipes for quick marinade grilled chicken but this one I’m about to share is our best chicken marinade ever.…

  • Nigerian Meat Pie Recipe
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    Nigerian Meat Pie: step by step/yummy recipe.

    To be honest, I’ve not met a Nigerian that doesn’t love Nigerian meat pie. Even non-Nigerians love it; and I usually receive orders from non-Nigerians for their parties. Yes, that’s how amazing our Nigerian meat pie is.  Nigerian meat pie is a buttery, crispy, delicious snack filled with minced beef and vegetables (usually carrots and potatoes). It is one of Nigeria’s most loved street snacks and also one of the most sought during festive seasons and in most parties/occasions. The same way our Nigerian puff-puff and chin-chin are being sought. I’ve made delicious meat pie uncountable times, but as a foodie, I’m always open to learning new ways to make…

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    Nigerian Puff-Puff: Easy and Simple.

    You’re Nigerian and you don’t like Nigerian puff-puff?  Shhhhh! Don’t let anyone hear you because it sounds like sacrilege. How can you not like puff-puff? I mean our dear Nigerian puff-puff. I’m tempted to think that puff-puff is one of the things that bind us together as a nation. In fact, it’s our national heritage. Puff puff is a typical Nigerian snack and one of the most loved Nigerian street foods. It originated from Nigeria but has now spread across some parts of Africa like Cameroon, Ghana… Interestingly, each country seems to have found a name for it. Growing up, I always looked forward to going out with my mum…